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Badami(Vatapi), Pattadakal, Aihole:

Badami(Vatapi in Vedic  period)-

Badami it has a long thousands of years old in the history  of karanataka it’s presented in the Bagalkot district .

From a record it was a capital of Badami chalukyas in the 6th Century AD by Pulikesh I.

This place also called VATAPI,VATAPIPURA, BADOMOYI(Mentioned in the Greek text in 2nd AD century by famous Greek Geographer-Mr Tolamy in his records)

From the capital of state Bangalore it’s 510 KM away towards north side of the state.

It’s a taluk center with sizeable populated houses in the town you can find number of Hotels, Guest house for accommodation.

Lodges details:

a.       Badami court international -08357 220230

b.      Heritage Resort Badami-08357 220207

c.       KSTDC Mayura Chalukya -08357 220046

It’s preferred to stay at KSTDC hotel with reasonable price with hygiene food, good gesture of KSTDC staff.

Badami having a good connectivity of Road & Rail from all major cities of the state.

Major places to see around Badami:


Banashankari Temple Entrance


It’s 8th Century AD old temple built by Chalukya king’s  and made this temple a kuladevi by them .

Every year on banada Hunnime (Banada Full moon day) there will a be famous car festival and it’s famous festival for North Karnataka peoples.


Agasthya thirtha it’s mentioned in the Puranas that the sage Agasthya took holy bathe in this beautiful and magnificent tank.


It’s  dedicated to Bhoothanatha (Lord Shiva)  adjacent to Agasthya thirtha.




Kannada: ಸಾಧುಗೆ ಸಾಧು
ಮಾಧುರ್ಯಂಗೆ ಮಾಧುರ್ಯಂ
ಬಾಧಿಪ್ಪ ಕಲಿಕೆ ಕಲಿಯುಗ ವಿಪರೀತನ್
ಮಾಧವನೀತಂ ಪೆರನಲ್ಲ!
and in the English poetic rendering: 

"Kind man to the kind,
Whose sweet to the sweet,
Very cruel to the cruel
He was nothing but God Vishnu in this regard" 

This stone triplicate inscription by Arabhattan , a soldier in the chalukya dynasty described the Heroness of the Kannadiga’s soldier’s .

It’s in old kannada & Sanskrit (Written in Devanagari) scripts respectively.

Fort Entrance

6. Famous four Cave temples

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Vaishnava caves, Natural Cave –Lord Buddha, Jaina caves

From this we can understand that the Chalukya kings were tolerance towards the all religions in that time itself.

i.                    Shaiva cave (5th Century AD)

Nataraja Sculpture 

i.                    Vaishanava Cave (578 AD)
Lord Varaaha -Saving Bhoodevi



i.                    Natural Cave –Buddha cave

i.                    Jaina Cave:

Badami it will not only attract the History lovers along with the Trekkers for the adventure rocks cut’s for hiking, nature lovers with beauty of sun raise/Sunset.

Best time to visit Badami- August to January

Royal Emblem of Badami Chalukya's

Aihole it’s a cradle for the Indian Temple architecture by Great Artist –Mr Parsibrown (A famous British archaeologist)

Aihole it’s also called Ayyavole  ,Aryapura,Ayyavalli in the pre historicec  mentioned in the inscriptions.

This village is located on the banks of Malaprabha River.

Major places to see

Before survey led by the British india in this village all the temples were lived by different community people according to their caste/Occupation  later named  for this temples by British Archaelogit’s  example –Ladkhan temple(Where a Muslim was  lived in  the temple), Badigera temple(A Blacksmith tribe lived in the temple)

1.      Durgada Temple (742 AD)

This temple not dedicated to Goddesses  Durga  but the fort temple –Durga means Fort in kannada .

Earlier it was a beautiful fort on the temple architecture but later invaded by Muslim’s lost it’s prominent.

Hairstyle in olden days!!

Swasthika window

Malabar woman hairstyle

Inner petals:6 vruthu (Season) & outer petals shows 12 masa ( months)!!


1.      Gowdara devalaya/Temple  (5th  Century AD)

2.      Chakra devalaya/Temple  (8th Century AD)

3.      Badigera Devalaya/Temple  (9th century)

4.      Ambigara Devalaya/Temple 

5.      Huchhamali devalaya/Temple 

Almost all temples in the Aihole dedicated to lord Vishnu, as it’s the first capital for the Chalukya &  for the early chalukya they are followers of Vaishnava sect &and later converted to Shaiva’s .

As you can see the temples of pattadakal –All temples belongs to Lord Shiva temples

Drunken couples

1.      Ravalaphadi Cave temple (6th Century AD)

1.      Two storied Buddha Chaityalaya (6th century AD)

1.      Meguthi Jain temple (634 AD)

A stone inscription on the wall of east side temple by Ravikirthi(Commander-in –chief of PulikehiII) –In this inscription  mentioned the Chalukya dynasty lineage, Victories led against Harshavardhana on bank of narmada river , Battle against Pallavas of Kanchipuram.

Halegannada/Ancient kannada script


It’s a small village located 22kms from Badami and 18kms from Aihole on the bank of River Malaprabha.

It’s a UNESCO heritage as the temple architecture consists of both Dravidian , north India (Nagar style) with beautiful architecture.

As already mentioned all temples in pattadakal dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This place later developed after fall of pulikeshin who was killed in the battle against Pallavas of Kanchipuram  Narasimhavarman in 642 AD.

Hi son Vikaramadithya I (665AD-681AD) later converted to Shaivism by his guru Sudharshanacharya laid foundation to Pattadakal.

He was not only built the big magnificent temple also laid a battle against Narsimhvarman and took revenge with pallavas as his father killed by them for this great victory for three times he built a magnificent temple-Virupaksha temple  with a stone inscription in front of the temple

Stone Inscription of Vikramaditya on victorious against pallavas

Major places to see:

1.       Kaddasideshwara temple

2.       Jambulinga temple

3.       Galaganatha temple

4.       Sanagameshwara temple(696 AD)

5.       Virupaksha Temple (740 AD)

6.       Mallikarjuna Temple (743 AD)

This temple was built by Immadi Vikramadithya last wife –Trailokamahadevi

7.       Kashi vishwanatha Temple (8th century AD)

8.       Paapanatha Temple (680 AD)

Vatapi Ganapathim!! Probably derived from this place
Foundation sketch for the famous Hampi stone chariot

Among the chalukya dynasty Imamdi Pulikeshin (Pulikeshi II) was a very prominent king who laid a major battle with Harshavardhan of Kannauj on the bank of Narmada river & won the battle got a title –UTTARAPATHESHWARA .

Great King Immadi Pulikeshi

-Shiva Kumar


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  2. Excellent and vivid explanation.
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