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Traditionally it's also known as  Pampa , kishkinda, Bhaskara kshetra - is derived from the old name of the Tungabhadra river, the name 'Hampi"is an anglicized version of Kannada name Hampe (derived from Pampa).

This historic place listed in UNESCO world heritage  site, this ruined city is located on the bank of river Tungabhadra   & it's once the capital of Vijayanagar kingdom (Golden kingdom)  it's not only religious place but the market for the precious gems, gold & diamond . Many foreigner visited here & described as the gold, precious stones sell in the main market place with huge heaps & this city is bigger than Rome city.

This Hampi located in the Bellary district of Karnataka  there is nearest railway station at Hospet & nearest airport is Bangalore(KIAL)
There are a lot of buses arrange by both Karnataka govt & private tourism .

  Virupaksha temple was the main patron deity for the Vijayanagar rulers, it was recorded in the earlier settlement in Hampi date back to 1 CE.

Virupaksha Temple 

Hampi was one of the best areas of the capital of  the Vijayanagara empire  from 1343 - 1565 , when it was besieged by the Deccan Muslim confederacy.

The annual Hampi Utsava or Vijaya Utsava has been celebrated since the reign of Vijayanagara. It is organised by Govt of Karnataka as Naada habba.

There are a lot of temples built in Vijayanagar times - Viirupaksha temple, Achyutaraya temple, Badavilinga temple, Chandramouleshwara temple, Ranganathaswamy temple, Hazara Rama temple, Krishna temple, Jain temple, Vijaya vittala temple.
Along with this Elephant stable, world-famous Stone chariot, Kamala Mahal, many things you can see which make you love towards fine art.

Stone chariot
One of Avatar(Inacrnation) of Sri Vishnu - Kurmavathaar
Shree Maha Vishnu carved on a stone

Once upon a time using for Thoolabaram(Offering Ritual)  by king's with precious stones

Spectacular view of River Tunghabahdra

Scenic view from Hemakuta hill

Ruined stone sculpture of a dancer

Royal emblem - Wild boar with sword

Gaali mantapa 
 One of example for Marvelous Engineering skills at that time.

Beautiful Sunset at Hemakuta Hill

Stone carvings near Vijadashami dibba - this stage used to perform many cultural related activities along with martial arts

Goddesses Durga stone carving on main temple wall

Ruined Ugra Narasimha (Lord Vishnu)

This city was capital to all dynasties of Vijayanagara kingdom & it  also referred  as Golden empire
Dynasties like Saluva, Sangama, Tuluva, Araividu ruled this city after the battle of Talikota , Deccan sultanate invaders ruined the city, destroyed many temples & monuments later they changed capital to Penukonda & Chandragiri (A.P) respectively.

Nearly one week required to cover all historical sites places around Hampi , you can hire motorbike or bicycle will be given rent on daily basis.

Shri Purandara Dasa - Father of Carnatic music

Ruined old bridge constructed along Tungabhadra river

Aerial view of Tungabhadra river with green paddy fields

Bhagavad dwaja (Saffron Hindu flag) 
Many invaders destroyed temples, looted precious stones everything but can't destroy the belief of Hinduism and it was in our blood.
We gave shelter to foreigner traders, build churches, mosques & invited the expatriates gave shelter to them but rulers of India (Bharatha Bhoomi) never invaded any foreign countries that's harmony in our blood & we are proud of our culture & Sanatha dharma (Hinduism)
Dharmo rakshithi rakshitha...

Sage Vidhyaranya Grave(Brindavana)
With the help of Sage Vidyaranya two brothers - Harihara bukkarya laid the foundation for the Hindu dynasty glorified as one of the prosperous Kingdom in the world.

Entrance gate of Palace, but  now it's ruined

Sugreeva Cave, as this place near to Kishkinda

An Optical illustration image inside Vittala temple
If you look closer it looks as if a frog is trying to jump into water. Is it a mother holding her child? Or is the serpent decorating Lord Shiva's neck? Now look at the same carving from the sides. A mommy monkey feeding its baby, Lord Hanuman flying with the mountain? Or is it a serpent peeling off its skin.
Guess where today's animators need to seek inspiration from!

Please visit this historical place and experience the world largest live museum!!!

If you are love with art, painting, History, Adventure than what you are thinking....Pack up & move.....

Hampi, Karnataka (India)

By road: Reach Hosepet and get an lot of buses running to Hampi.
By air: Vijayanagar Jindal Airport, Bangalore international Airport (Approx 345 KM's)
Best time to visit: August to February
Minimum number of days required: Three to four days
Places to stay: In Hospete you will get all good Hotels with all amenities , i preferred to stay at Hotel Shanbhag (Best hotel with best price)
*Auto rickshaws are available only for one side of the bank. You have to use to the boat to crossover to the other bank. Rated are fixed for it and you can cross only when the boat is full. For the other side, rent a bicycle to travel around if the weather is good or else go for a two wheeler. Tourist attractions are on both sides of the bank but prefer staying on the calmer side surrounded by nature, free from pollution.

If you want any good guide please contact me without hesitation, I'll reach you to a good knowledge on this place.

- Shiva Kumar Mutt


  1. Nice photography, you have a good taste of roaming around famous temples. Keep in touch.



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