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sharavathi valley trekking - Hogevaddi , Sagara


On August 13.08.2017 due to continuous holidays planned to go for trekking with Mr Ram & his troop.
On same day catched bus to  Sagara from bengaluru , next day morning around 7:30am reached Sagar than moved to kargal where we stayed in jungle resort already booked through our trek arranger(Mr ram)
We started to go trekking to sharavathi valley forest with curiosity
By @ 10:45am we get down starting point hogevaddi after suitable permission & fees paid to forest dept we marched with curiosity & exciting some of them in our troop new to forest.
With the help of local resident name dharma naika lead the team of 14 members its a beautiful thick lush green forest that's in monsoon we felt proud that we are enjoying nature, water streams flowing like a crystal &  we drunked it's a nature booster with lot of minerals it's awesome.
It's all 3 hours we covered but due to some health issue of two boys in our troop they frightened to go back so we decided 6 of members lead by Mr Ram will return back. & others myself marched along with local guy started trekking it's almost 3'O clock we didn't find our destination & our local guy telling still we have to go inside so everyone  our troop not having energy for hungried , due to heavy leech problem nobody interest to go further except me , so we decided to return back & we thinked other troop already they may reached  like this forest is entirely different like rest we trekked to kudremuk .
It's very tough trekking in my life no food , medicine, the only fresh stream water saves our life , everyone in our troop thinking that we caught in forest like a Kannada adventure tragedy movie 6-5=2.
This forest is full of leech problem so everyone of legs stained by blood even my leg also , we climbed two hills , covered 5 streams everyone frightened & they thinked that other troops are lucky we strucked inside , by almost 4:30 PM we got a shock news from local guy (our troop leader) we missed our path it's dumbstruck & shouting like anything to him . In my last Trekking observation everyone will tell if you last your path trace the path through upstream of water flowing so we decided & told same to that guy ...everyone shouting to trek arranger & local guy we covered some place it's 5:30pm thick fog coming inside we again ran like anything that jungle sound with animals of wild dog's, bear thank to God we finally in correct path & at last we saw the green meadow ....we thanked to God & thought " badukitu badajeevi" .
We are in search of other troop already came to starting point but we didnt trace them I enquired local house about them but no positive response everyone got hungered Like anything like a life of pie situation so we plan to have something to get energy to search them so local guy arranged nice a hot rice with tomato sambar with ripened tamarind pickle everyone took a 2 plates , actually in our mind about other troop of 6 members where they went??? It's storming in our mind & other side unable to resist the taste of  rice with pickle it's like a mrushtanna for us.
After finishing our food went to search for them it's 6'45 pm it's thick fog unable to find how they missed in forest even they have not a single food item with them.
Local guy Mr dharmanna told nothing happens to them everything will be fine we will take care you go to kargal & tomorrow we will go search for them.
Everyone in badmood & how to answer their parents so by painfully went to kargal home stay, so whole night thinking of them how they will be in forest some of locals telling the forest is full of wild dogs & wild boar .
So when the time rang to 4'0clock next day early morning we rushed to their & searching for them I personally harake(exvoto) to swamy koragajja seek God divine , local resident dharma Naik also helped & went to near by a famous Hanuman temple - "Hogevaddi shree veeranjaneya" & he did prashne (local practice of problem to God to seek solution)
The priest of temple accepted & told they are strucked near to this forest any of them passed a daatu balli ( locally it's a forest wine ) so they strucked by within 45 min they will back I don't know due to God grace by within 30 min we are able to listen their sounds & we also shouted to get them ........cheers up we united & I looked back to Hanuman temple it's all your powerful only.
It's magic to us really it's a unbelievable to them also  from yesterday evening unable to find the way but morning we tried trial & error unfortunately we found way.
In next blog I'll tell you  whole night what they did in forest.......

Thank you for reading my first blog....

                                          Legendry chieftain Thimmanna Naika

Malenadu style huts



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